Sample Photos

As you can see from the pics below many straight boys have passed through my door. In the first set of pics below you will see the return of Jesse. He came through my door a few months ago and had such a good time he has now decided to come over to the other side.

During the week he works on cars, on the weekends he works on boys!

My Second Ploy is to cruise the bus terminal looking for boys that are down on their luck and look like - the need bucks or a place to stay. A lot of young men drift to the city from farms to the West of here and when they get here they don't have any bucks or a place to stay. I approach them and offer a place to stay.

I get them home and offer them a drink, put on a Lesbian porn video and once they get stiff, which is pretty quick, as they are teenagers with testosterone pumping, then it all happens from there.

If they will not get their pants off I wait till they go to sleep and then slowly undo their fly and then suck their cocks.

Sometimes they wake up while I am doing it but it feels so good they make out they are Still asleep and let me continue to suck them till they come.

These ploys work like a charm.